Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas spirit is rampant!

Christmas is coming fast and Dad decorated the house! Here are some lovely photos of our living room and the people who live in it :) Everyone around here is going nuts, the houses around the Drive are awesome, so many lights! Traffic and work are ridiculous though, always so busy and packed!

I've been pretty swamped with work these days, trying to fit everything in. I ask for more hours then complain about it - go figure. But it's good. Swimming too, and I now have a swim buddy! Her name is Amy, she's very nice. I am also going to Victoria next weekend to attend a party hosted by Katie's sister Kristen, who is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary to her husband Steve. I'm pretty excited as I LOVE Victoria, will definitely take pictures.

Lots of love and holiday wishes to everyone xox

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  1. Congratulations on your new job. I've been out of work for almost 2 years (except I'm a sub teacher) and it's the pits. Good luck.