Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wonder what my nest looks like?

This is what my nest looks like :)

The pink stuff behind my desk is going to be covered soon. The room is surrounded by windows, which is nice but will get very cold. So the pink stuff is there to help insulate it. Only three windows are left uncovered now. Also, notice the clothes folded very nicely (for now).

my room2

Notice the purple door! That's the door that leads to the rest of the house. There is another door by my bed that leads to the backyard.
my room3
My new bed! It will look better, I think, when my actual bedding arrives.. eventually. Notice the little white lights that hang above it :)
my room1
A little shelf with some stuff in it, but I'm leaving as much of it empty as I can because once greyhound delivers the rest of my stuff I'm going to need a lot more space.

Pictures of the rest of the house coming later!!

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